Grown business
built on childhood

The Offshore Partners

Make something truly special. A very clear request made to us by the gentlemen of The Offshore Partners in our first conversations together.

They were very aware of their own identity, but also of the fact that they didn’t project it fully to the outside world. They asked us to have an uninhabited look at all their communication. And most importantly, to surprise them. Something you don’t need to ask us twice.

The partners themselves also get a prominent place on the website. You can literally open their eyes.

Through the
eyes of the

In our orientation talks with the partners, it became evident quickly that they shared a passion. One by one they told similar stories about their fascination for technique, especially in their field of expertise.

The giant waves under an offshore platform, waves clashing on the bridge of a ship; all told with the same twinkle in their eyes.

This everlasting fixated way of observing became the core of the design concept, in which photography plays a leading role.

The true beauty

In the imagery we looked for the essence that give the industry its true charm. The images you only see if you work in the industry and even then it requires an eye for such things. We started to see through the eyes of a true connoisseur.

A stationary logo
that moves

The logo symbolises the always-moving offshore world. A world that sways up and down, both literally and figuratively. A global playing field, where innovation happens every day.

A website
coming to life

By moving through the site the viewer also makes the site set in motion. Scrolling brings still images to life.

We wanted to create a site that was totally different to their competition, but not lose itself in its complexity. A good example of this is the naviagation; which is traditional in its form and because of that completely recognizable for the user.