Experience the magic of the mind. F*ck!

An interactive preview

To warm up the audience for the second series of the popular TV show MINDF*CK, the makers of the show commissioned Just to develop a unique online thought experiment.

In one of the experiments Victor will let you see colour in a black-and-white picture. On the micro-site you can apply this magic to your own picture.

Do it yourself.

In the application, doctor and illusionist Victor Mids guides you through a series of videos featuring three special experiments, which you can do in the comfort of your own couch. To us the task to create a pleasant and logical interactive flow between the experiments. However complex the underlying technology is, for the end-user it feels like a seamless experience.

Facebook as a goal and a means.

The use of Facebook as a platform for interactive applications has been in decline the last couple of years. This is predominantly because Facebook has reduced the development possibilities for privacy reasons. Nonetheless, it proved to be the perfect medium for this application, helping to achieve the desired result: an addition of over 50.000 likes to the MINDF*CK page.

Victor proves in this experiment that you don’t need complicated technique to fool your brain. Are you stronger than your mind?