There is
only one

It’s hard to find innovation on TV these days.

The new TV channel #FIRST is unique in its kind. A channel that literally is growing in its presence on Dutch television, but sometimes also deliberately vanishes from the box. Our friends at NewBe, who came up with the concept and are responsible for its execution, approached us for the identity.

The internet on TV, not the other way around.

#FIRST is a channel that is completely aimed at the youth and is being run from what could be called an internet point of view. New on #FIRST really does mean new, never been shown before. Reruns? In that case they prefer no broadcast.

A can-we-do-it-in-two-weeks identity.

Not just the channel formula, but the assignment was a #FIRST as well. From beginning till end we had two weeks to deliver. In this short time we were involved with the developing of the name, designed the channel’s identity and animated various concepts for the promos.

A celebration of #FIRSTs.

#FIRST celebrates the internet generation. The placing of the first post. Showing yourself to the world. At the centre of the video content is people doing something for the first time. And the joy it gives them.


One of the names that didn’t make it out of the concept phase was ‘AAA!!!’, an ode to pubescent frustration. Despite not making it as the name for the channel, it got a second life as a program title.

LIVE and growing.

After a lot of work in very little time #FIRST saw the light of day. The channel is not just growing in viewership, but also in the amount of broadcasting hours. The more popular the channel is, the longer they will broadcast. #FIRST can be viewed by Ziggo subscribers from 15.30h onwards, five days a week, on channel 13.