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Ever since he was twelve, Joep wanted to be a comedian. At seventeen he changed his name to Youp and founded cabaret Nar. He played in small venues for quite some time. He has been fully playing in theatres since 1984. Now, 27 programs and nine New Year's Eve conferences down the line, he really only wants one thing: to become a comedian!

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A stage for Youp

By keeping the design as minimal as possible, we create a stage for Youp. Small stories play out in the background while you navigate the site. We deliberately keep the content simple to go with the minimal design. For example, we never show more than five columns, and we limit the news to the last three posts.


Image and content come together

To ensure that the image and the content on the website would merge, we developed and shot the ideas for the videos together with Youp. the result is a series of subdued and subtle images in which sound plays an indispensable role. Pierced with humour and self-mockery, of course.

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