Everyone learns in different ways. That's why ROC TOP believes in a personalised approach when it comes to education. Because learning something new every day makes you grow as a person. To show you're not a number at this educational institution, we put students and teachers front and center in all our communication. So they can ask you: what have you learned today?

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Together with photographer Khalid Amakran and filmmaker David van Woerden we set out to capture an honest and open view of the school. No polished version of reality, but real images that show the true spirit of ROC TOP.

What should I choose?

Imagine you're 15, fresh out of high school. Chances are you haven't really figured out what to become when you're grown up. Let alone what study to choose. That's why one the main goals of the website is to help you figure out which field of study suits you best. We guide you trough the process with a handy test and clear language. The new film and photography provides a good look inside the institution, so you know what to expect.