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Every child deserves a healthy youth

One in eight children in the Netherlands grow up with more kilos on their body than is healthy. A problem that is growing, rather than shrinking, if not addressed properly. Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht (Youth at a Healthy Weight) aims to create an environment for children to grow up in, where the healthy choice is an easy one.

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Don't focus on children, focus on their surroundings.

Key to the succes of Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht is their choice not to target children, but to focus on their surroundings. The schools they go to, the club they play sports at, their homes. These are the places where decisions regarding their lifestyle are presented to them. So influencing these places, makes it easier and more normal to make the healthy decision. Because when you ask children, they choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

The journey we started with Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht started many years ago. We helped them develop their new focus, name and long term strategy. With the brands cheerful visual identity as one of our first creations.

In 2018 we launched the first edition of the 'Week for the healthy youth'. During this week we aim to put the public eye on important matters such as the need to eat healthy or to get enough exercise.