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Never stop playing!

This is the motto of Jantje Beton, the most playful foundation in the Netherlands. As part of a complete overhaul of the brand identity done by our friends at KesselsKramer, we were asked to redesign and rebuild their new website from the ground up. The challenge? To create a site so simple and fun, a toddler could use it.

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A childishly simple design.

Our aim at the start of the design process was to create a site that was childishly simple. Big cheerful graphics, big imagery and as little text as possible. The site remains serious, while still being very playful. A good example of the simplicity of the site is the navigation structure. It asks people: do you want to play, learn about Jantje beton, or do you want to help? This does not only really helps the visitors of the site. It also gives clear guidance in how to develop the site in the next couple of years. Making it easier to keep it as simple as it is now.

Donating to a charity is often anything but fun. For Jantje Beton we created a donation funnel that's the exact opposite. Showing users that anything can be playful if you want it to be.

The site is filled with playful animations such as this one. It reminds users that something has gone wrong and tells them to either visit the homepage or to go outside and play!