People friendly and meat-free identity

Het Slachthuis

There's never been a better time to be vegan. The meat-free discussion is a hot topic today and it's becoming more and more normal to eat less meat or to eat no meat at all. Het Slachthuis (The Slaughterhouse) is a new lunch room in Leiden that caters to anyone who is willing to let meat go for at least an hour. We were happy to help them create a brand to get them, and the meat-free discussion, noticed.

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A hard name, carefully brought with love.

Even though the meat-free discussion is more common these days, it's not free of stigma. The name The Slaughterhouse was carefully chosen to play with this stigma. Intended as a conversation starter. The visual identity, however, does the exact opposite, making it hard not to love this new initiative based in one of Leiden's most characteristic buildings.

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