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Go Neutral

The Paris Climate change has a big impact on governments. They have to make a move if they want to meet the goals set for 2050. For local governments and other parties involved this means it is time to work together. To share knowledge and to team up when it comes to spacial planning and infrastructure for example. We were asked to create an identity to unite all the parties involved. To simplify and translate the agreement into something that excites people to get to work.

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Focus on the journey.

2050 is far away. It's hard to imagine what life will be like. Imagine what it's like to start working at a goal that's set for completion 30 years from now. Where do you start? To motivate people to at least give the goal a go, we decided to shift the focus from the goal towards the journey. We introduced three i's to simplify communications: inspire, inform, instruct. Based on these pillars we created a communication toolkit that helps all parties involved to make the road to 2050 an easier and more enjoyable one.