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Film1 is a premium Dutch film service that offers viewers 25 new quality films each month. They asked us to come up with a strong brand strategy and message to set them apart from their competitors. And to translate this into a campaign to launch their new app with a big bang.

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Stop searching. Start watching.

Even though Netflix is the market leader when it comes to media subscriptions in the Netherlands, most people will agree that finding a great film to watch is anything but easy on their service. This frustration was the inspiration for the Film1 new brand message. With only a limited amount of high quality films, there's no need to endlessly search for a film to watch. All you have to do is start watching.

Better than reality.

With the new Film1 app it's easier than ever to watch a great film wherever you are. So when reality doesn't quite match your expectations, you might as well take out your phone and start watching.