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De Kindertelefoon is a unique non profit in The Netherlands that children and teenagers can call or chat with when they feel like talking someone. From heavy to small talk, from loneliness to love at first side; they are there when you need them. To boost this message, and to counter the stigma that they are just there for sad kids, they asked us to rebrand them to show everyone what they really stand for.

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We started our process with a creative session with kids of all ages. Asking their input on all sorts of things and helping us to figure out what the key message is we need to get across.

Addressing the stigma directly

During various tests it became very clear that especially the youngest kids demand clarity. Don't joke about things, or add abstract layers, simply tell them like it is. And give examples. If you want kids to know you're available to talk about anything, the good and the bad, simply say so. This is how we ended up with their new brand message: With De Kindertelefoon you can talk about everything.