Care is a verb


Healthcare is a topic that is hard to miss in the news these days. What most people forget is that care is a verb before anything else. For the Gemiva-SVG Group we developed an identity and a campaign to change the way people look at healthcare as a profession. The goal? To interest future generations to start a career in healthcare.

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An honest look at working as a care professional.

The fact that working in healthcare is a beautiful and meaningful way to make a living has been overshadowed by political talk over the years. It was our goal to change this perception by presenting people with an honest view of what it's really like to do this work. And with honest we mean the ups – and the downs. Because working in healthcare isn't easy. It's hard work! That too is what makes it rewarding.

For the campaign microsite we followed five people working at Gemiva-SVG for a day. All recordings show different aspects and angles of working in healthcare and care giving.

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