Pension made personal

Ahold Delhaize Pensioen

Research shows that people don't think a lot about their future, let alone their pension. So you can imagine the difficulty pension funds face when it comes to being noticed. We were happy to take on this challenge when we were asked to develop a new communication strategy and brand identity for Ahold Delhaize Pensioen.

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Your pension is personal

We hear about pension funds mostly on the news, and it's usually about money. We think that's crazy, because a pension fund is so much more than that. Ahold Delhaize Pensioen truly cares about their members. And they want to enable everyone to enjoy a carefree retirement. The only problem is, that as a member you have to think about that carefree retirement while you’re still working. It turns out that this is precisely when most people don’t want to think about retirement. To change this, we decided to communicate in a new way than what you’re used to from a pension fund. Using a cheerful identity based on the four colours of the companies that are affiliated with the fund.

Meaningful retirement photography

One of the things we're most proud of in this project is the imagery we created with photographer Tim Stet. The photos are beautiful, but also very functional. Using a projector we captured actual members 'covered' in their retirement dreams. These stories play a central role in our communication on the Ahold Delhaize Pensioen digital platform.

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