Back-end Developer

Who we are and how we think.

We’re looking for a PHP-developer with a couple of years of experience to help us build and further develop the back-ends and CMS’s of various sites and apps.

JUST is a digital design studio in which reason drives creativity. This means analysis before free association. Logic then magic. We call this process “simplicity and wonder”. Something we expect you’re familiar with as Back-end Developer, since logical reasoning and creating magic from lines of code are at the core of what you do.

We develop digital things that people love to use

The web is a wonderful place. We enjoy being part of it and enriching it with beautiful and memorable sites and applications. We view technology as a tool, not as a goal in itself. Most users couldn’t care less about the specifics of a language or the required API’s. They care about visiting a site or app that is smooth, safe and memorable.

That said, in order to achieve this we care a lot about the tech we use:

PHP forms the base of everything we build; it’s powerful, versatile, open source and easy to implement. We enjoy working with KirbyCMS for content-driven sites, because it’s very user friendly. And we often use Laravel for data-driven sites. For clear databases we use MySQL. We also host our own code and provision our own servers using Ansible Playbooks. All our code is recorded in Git and is deployed with Gitlab CI Pipelines (in combination with Docker).

We believe that sharing is caring, which is why we collaborate on Open-Source packages and created our own on GitHub.


  • You know your way around PHP.
  • Affinity with KirbyCMS and/or Laravel is a plus.
  • You have 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar role.
  • You’re a teamplayer. You enjoy working with others. And you’re able to communicate about the status of your work and what you need in order to build the best project.
  • You’re comfortable speaking to clients.
  • You enjoy building things that people enjoy using.

Things you’ll be doing

  • Working with an international team of project managers, designers, and developers.
  • Developing back-end and CMSs for a variety of projects: from making something work in 2 days to designing and developing a system in 2 months.
  • We maintain long-term relationships with our clients. This means that your code will last a long time (years, even decades). You get a lot of freedom in setting up the back-end and further developing and enhancing your code over time.
  • Clients include: Jantje Beton, JOGG, Giro555, Literatuurmuseum, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Paleis Het Loo, 113, COC Nederland and Simavi.
  • We like to step outside of conventions and boundaries. Many developers at JUST-ers also advice and work on topics outside of programming, such as how to optimise for SEO, improve accessibility or make good use of AI.

Things you’ll be getting

  • A competitive salary. Ranging between € 2.500,- and € 4.200,- depending on your expertise and experience.
  • Participation in the collective pension scheme.
  • 25+ committed colleagues who, like you, excel at being human (see above).
  • A MacBook Pro, which you can take home (of course).
  • Commutes are never entirely painless, but ours comes close. JUST’s studio in The Hague is readily accessible via car and public transport.
  • Very, very little overtime. Overtime is a sign of poor planning, not devotion.

What we also value is you.

As back-end developer you will join the JUST development team. This means influence on which tools should be included in our tech stack and sharing ideas on how we can improve our processes.

We offer dinners, drinks, weekends away with the team, and the occasional 5K run (to help counter the effects of those dinners and drinks).

People, it turns out, are always changing. So we’ll help define your personal goals and provide an annual budget with which to realize those goals. This could include courses or a visit to Dutch PHP conference or Laravel conferefence, which our team did last year.

We will pay you not to work

Sitting behind a desk is excellent for developing carpal tunnel syndrome, but not especially good for developing human potential. This is why we offer the whole JUST team a free day every other week (for those with a 36-hour contract). That way you get time to tinker, read a good book or visit a museum.  

Let’s talk

Does all of this sound like a good fit? Let’s get in touch! We’d happily welcome you to our lovely studio in The Hague. 

Mail or call Cees or Jeroen 088- 58 78 000 to make an appointment.

So, what happens after we get in touch?

Our hiring process follows these simple steps:

  • A first introduction at our studio to get to know each other a bit more.
  • A good in-depth talk about tech with our development team members.
  • In the last round we discuss salary and employment conditions.
  • If we match, we sign the contract and celebrate!