Launching a new care brand that's 100% human.

From corporate to personal.

Care organisation Activite had decided to spin off their department for informal care. One thing was clear from the briefing: ‘Bureau Informele Zorg’ (Bureau Informal Care), was definitely not going to be the new name. So what name would fit?

In our meetings we decided on one main theme: care had to become personal again. Care has become politicised. And most care organisations tow that line in their communication. Time to do things differently and make care as personal as it really is.

It doesn’t get any more personal.

Informal care is about people that care for others, as a care volunteer or caregiver. This is in no way a business transaction, quite the opposite. To emphasise this and let all participants feel at home in the new brand identity we simply chose to give the brand a actual name. Because nothing is more personal than that.

Eva means
‘The one that gives life’.

In our quest to find a fitting name for the brand we decided upon ‘Eva’. Eva means ‘The one that gives life’ and thus fits the content perfectly. Informal care, in its essence, is about giving a part of your life to somebody else.

Celebrate what you get in return.

Informal care goes beyond just giving. It is also about what you get back in return. We celebrate these moments in the campaign items. This way we show that care isn’t a burden, but something beautiful. Something that money can’t buy and a great gift to somebody else’s quality of life.

Let’s find out if we can make great work together.