Bringing a
balanced lifestyle to
children and their

The Challenge.

One in eight children in the Netherlands grow up with more kilos on their body than is healthy. A problem that is growing, rather than shrinking, if not addressed properly. To change the trend the Convenant Gezond Gewicht (Convenant Healthy Weight) was founded in 2010. Its mission: reduce obesity for both young and old.

After a successful start a peculiar situation arose. The JOGG method the foundation had developed, which focused on youth, got adopted by councils all over the Netherlands. The immense success put all the other initiatives in its shadow and made it a logical jumping-off point for the new positioning of the foundation.

Putting youth at the centre.

A new focus became clear early on in the strategic phase: the youth. They are the adults of tomorrow and have the power to influence those around them today. In return their surroundings help shape them. The new name? Jongeren op Gezond Gewicht (Youth at a Healthy Weight). A simple, vigorous name that states exactly what the foundation’s goal is.

An identity characterized by clarity.

The designs are all about clarity. Be clear about what you want, then you’ll achieve it much faster. The logo is a direct example. The goal? Bringing balance to the lives of youth. The result? A healthy weight below the line.

Cheerful, not childish.

Simplicity plays a key part throughout the identity. Like the navigation taken from the website, featured above. Do you know any websites that give you such clear choices in their offering?

Besides clarity we also looked at the right balance between playful and cheerful on one end, clearly referencing youth, and serious and corporate on the other, referencing the administrative side of the story.

Let’s find out if we can make great work together.