Turning a building site into a popular music festival.

A challenging project

Heijmans invites us to a pitch called ‘Herontwikkeling van het Kooiplein’ (Redevelopment of the Kooi Plaza). It is an ambitious project that aims to give one of the notorious neighbourhoods of Leiden a facelift. Everybody in Leiden knows of de Kooi’s reputation. As an estate agent would spin it: “It has lots of character”.

With the renovation, Heijmans wants to end the negative connotation and redevelop de Kooi into a beautiful area of Leiden Noord.

The square of Leiden

To emphasise the positive direction of the area, we proposed to rename it ‘Het Plein’ (The Plaza). A name referencing the Kooi Plaza, which is central to the redevelopment and its function as a place to bring people together. A lively place where people want to be.

Culture as a magnet

The goal of Heijmans is clear: make sure the red target group discovers Leiden Noord and is charmed by the new plans. The definition of the ‘red’ target group comes from a model that Heijmans uses and stands for outgoing, open-minded people, who mix well with the current inhabitants.

To reach this hard to reach – with traditional media – audience, we decided to cooperate with the Leiden Culture Fund. The start of a beautiful cultural business case.

Form promotional item to seating place; the giant ‘Love’ sculpture is a great success and subject of many a selfie.
The mosque located on the Plaza opened its doors on both editions for mini-concerts and a visit to the pray room.

Noorderliefde: 2.200 people come together at a building site

Real estate development promotion doesn’t need to be boring, and the two editions of music festival Noorderliefde (Northern Love) prove it. With special acts like Typhoon, Spinvis en de Staat, we lured the red target group of Leiden to the building site. They didn’t just have a great afternoon, they also got acquainted with Heijmans’ development plans. A win-win situation.

From culture to conversion

A special way of campaigning deserves a special brochure. Fully dedicated to the target group we designed this one in the shape of a record sleeve.

Let’s find out if we can make great work together.