Three Dutch comedians add a little bit of joy to the web.

A website as part of your repertoire

When browsing the web, we are always fascinated by the digital homes of artists. Sometimes in a good way, but most of the times we are surprised with the lack of identity and originality. In our vision, the website of an artist is like a digital stage, allowing them to use this as one of their canvasses.

Over the past two years we were given the chance to work with some of the best comedians our country has to offer. Here are the three websites we thoroughly enjoyed making.

Locked up in a website

For Youp van ’t Hek we created a website that gives you the illusion that he’s living inside it. Using seamlessly integrated videos Youp appears, gives you a funny look, plays you a song and suddenly disappears again. Almost making him the spectator of you.

A tool for laughter

For Jochem Myjer, known for his funny impersonations and bits, we created a tool that allows his fans to use his comedy to create laughter themselves. The soundboard uses twenty popular scenes from his shows that can instantly be triggered from any device.

What’s in your head?

Pieter Derks has a complex, yet incredibly funny mind. We wanted give users a sneak peak of what goes on in his head during the day. Using cinemagraphs and an interactive web of thoughts, we made this idea come to life.

Let’s find out if we can make great work together.