An innovative approach to music making by Colin Benders.

A game changer

The multitalented music artist Colin Benders is not known for his conservative approach to music making. He’s known for quite the opposite. With his Kyteman Orchestra he had already made history in the Dutch music scene. But at its peak he decided to move his focus to a new musical career.

Modular Mayhem

Using his own name, Colin Benders quietly started building on his next big thing: a Modular Synthesizer setup that easily fills up the average bedroom. A truly artisanal approach to making digital music.

Early on Colin decided to share his new passion with others using the online streaming service Twitch, mostly used by gamers.

Making music together

This is not just any other sequencer that you'll find on the web. Ours uses MQTT (machine to machine) technology that allows you to jam with other users that are currently on this site.

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An interactive sequencer

With the intention to create music together with his followers, we started to build an interactive sequencer. All users have to do to jam with Colin is sign up. When logged in, Colin has the power to select who is able to jam with him and who’s not. Giving people the opportunity and freedom to jam one-on-one with him as well.

When live, users see a digital interface that pushes input directly to Colin’s real life setup. Allowing users to see and hear change instantly while watching his livestream. A truely revolutionary way to make music.

Let’s find out if we can make great work together.