Rebranding and corporate website for CHDR.

Where do we go?

Doing a rebrand based on a current (visual) identity is never easy. It’s often harder than starting from zero. With CHDR that was just the case. Instructions were simple: don’t make drastic changes to the core of the identity, but do take things to a new level.

One of our favourite elements in the website is the homepage’s background. It’s a video in the form of a moving photo. It highlights the openness of the building, specifically designed for CHDR.

A new positioning

CHDR holds a unique position within the pharma landscape. Although they compete with major pharmaceutical companies, they are actually a foundation driven by researchers. They continuously invest heavily in innovation.

After many strategy sessions we decided on a direction we called ‘Academic cool’. A direction in style that mixes the reliability of their academic character with the coolness of the results their work has.

From now on CHDR will simply portray itself as the coolest in class.

Lots of print work

We started integrating the new style by redoing most of the print work. We started off with their brochures and ended up by creating an amazing book celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Corporate yet personal

In everything we do for CHDR we always try to keep a good balance between corporate information and personal stories. In the 30th anniversary we take this concept even further. In the center of the book there’s a small book hidden filled with cool shots from the past.

A new corporate website

CHDR’s new corporate website is a great example how branding and lots of functionality can go hand in hand. It’s as easy for users to get to know CHDR as a company as it is to browse and search their 500+ publications.

Let’s find out if we can make great work together.